Marvel Comics has its own reputation and the production house seems to have a soft corner for Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan – remember that Swadesh song played in Deadpool 2? And there’s more – SRK might star in one of the Marvel films.

Avengers, Black Panther, Antman.. Marvel has managed to hit some hits in the Indian box-office and has got itself some strong popularity in India. To increase the fan base in India exponentially, Marvel might just be planning to add an Indian character in one of their upcoming superhero films. That’s not just coming out of the air; Stephen Wacker, the Vice President of Creative Development at Marvel recently spoke about it and said that Marvel has plans to cast SRK in a Marvel film, if it has any Indian content in the future.

Not just that, Wacker said that the Marvel team is working on finding ways to introduce characters that can help them to bring the “Indian culture to the core North American Marvel fan”. And the “fan in India feels just as much part of the Marvel universe as some kid in New York”. When asked about which Indian actor would Marvel opt for in their film, Stephen said, “If we make Indian content, we have to put Shah Rukh Khan. He has to be in it”. But when, which character, what movie – we don’t know that yet.

SRK might be an optimum choice for a superhero film because a) he is extremely popular in and out of India, and b) he has worked as a superhero in a Bollywood film – remember Ra One with Kareena? On the side notes, Marvels is currently working on “Avenger 4” and there might be some time travel too; but there may not be a character that suits SRK. Meanwhile, SRK is looking forward to the release of his new unique film, Zero, soon – which stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.