Ordered a JioPhone, haven’t you? Well, here’s good news for you – the shipping of Reliance Jio’s hybrid 4G phone – JioPhone has begun today, and Reliance expects to deliver about 6 million JioPhone units within 15 days pan-India.

A couple of months earlier, Reliance Jio came up with yet another gimmick in an attempt to revolutionise the way people use internet and smartphones in the country – a 4G enabled hybrid phone which calculatedly costs you ZERO money; the JioPhone. To get hands on this new ruse, all one had to do was pay Rs 1500 as deposit money, which will then be returned after three years since device was delivered. That means the phone comes for free! Although it is not exactly a smartphone, it is still a 4G LTE and VoLTE enabled device with smart features and custom made hybrid apps.

Not just that, JioPhone comes with lifetime free voice calling and dirt-cheap internet packages by paying just some Rs 153 – that is a freaking deal, nobody can deny to. Can you believe how hard the Ambanis roll when it comes to business, right! If not as primary device, millions of people will buy it as a standby secondary device. No wonder why millions of pre-bookings were received and at one point, Reliance Jio had to pause the booking because of the overzealous response. With millions waiting, Jio had promised to manufacture 5 million devices within a week to devour every customer.

And ahead of expected date, first shipment of 6 million JioPhones have already begun and will last for 15 days. To bridge the partiality gap between rural areas and urban regions, JioPhones will first be shipped to rural and small town customers; and then the urban and tier-1 cities. So for those who have already booked JioPhone, you can track your shipments on Jio’s official website, MyJio app or by calling on the toll-free number – 18008908900. And if you missed the first batch of pre-bookings, there is yet no confirmation or specification about second batch but it might take some time as they will be busy with millions of shipments.