Snapchat is rolling out new product features and the biggest change of the bunch is what Snapchat is calling “limitless Snaps” – essentially letting users send photos and videos that exist longer than the 10-second maximum previously admitted for the app.

Now users can send photos that will remain on their screen until the recipient chooses to dismiss it, at which point the message will be deleted. Users can also send video messages that loop until friends manually dismiss them. Previously, those video messages just played once, though Snapchat already offered users a chance to “replay” a message.

The takeaway here is that Snapchat is continuing to move away from the idea of fleeting and disappearing messages, which is where the app got its start. Yes, messages are still deleted under the new sharing options, but they aren’t deleted as quickly; they offer users more opportunity to see them (or screenshot them) before they disappear for good. As Snapchat explained in a blog post, “We wanted to give you the option of allowing the recipient to enjoy your Snap as long as they’d like.”

The Timeless Snap will allow users to set the timer to infinity, so that a snap won’t disappear until the user taps to close it. The feature also works videos, with a new looping option that will allow the video to loop until the user closes it. Snapchat will also see a reorganization of the creative tools and a new Magic Eraser that can be found as a sub-option for the scissor tool. Snapchat seems to be eventually sneaking away from a social network based solely on fleeting and disappearing messages. Though the company boasts a strong following of young individuals, it remains behind competitors and faces worries about its long-term stability.

So enjoy the snaps and posts that will stay longer than 10 seconds which is an effort from Snap to compete with strong contenders like Facebook and Instagram.