Snapchat’s very own Snap Map can now be easily accessed and view from all over the world online, and now from the web! Monday, Snapchat launched the for Snap Maps that overlays all public stories and snaps on a global map.

The Snap Map in the Snapchat app has received mixed responses from users because basically, it allows people to see where exactly where their friends are at any time, as long as they are okay with sharing the information and has allowed access. So far, the feature was limited to the mobile app users of Snapchat – limiting the number of people accessing public stories and location. However, on Monday, Snapchat launched the web version of Snap Maps which can be accessed directly from the website, without even logging in – it is open for anyone in the world to watch.

Just like the mobile app version of Snap Map, the web version highlights ‘Our Stories’ and other public snaps which are overlaid on a global map. Users can simply just zoom in and tap on sections highlighted by Snap Map to view Stories from across the world. The stories are curated as per locations that are algorithmically generated from a particular location. While the app version is populated friends’ Bitmojis and stories of people from across the world, the web version will let users have an open online access of stories. To solve the privacy concern with Snap Map, Snapchat has removed displaying usernames on the web version. That makes up, up to certain extent, right?

Still, the idea of Snap Map on web means the whole internet will be able to see what you are up to, instead of few million Snapchat users. That changes things up a bit, or maybe a lot. Perhaps, the idea behind launching web Snap Map was to break up the walls of app and let it out in the wilds of internet to make the audience coverage larger than it ever was. Snap Map hasn’t really been the most popular feature on Snapchat, so putting it up for open on web browsers might help in boosting the audience numbers – at least, it will make Snapchat features viewable to even those who have never ever seen Snapchat.