Hyperloop One releases first pictures of the test site of an eager-beaver project of a superfast transport system in the desert of Nevada. The development test region is just 30 minutes from Las Vegas and is called “DevLoops”. Hyperloop is the fruition of founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk’s idea.

The idea of a gigantic tube hoisting magnetically propelled pods moving at the speed of 750 mph in arid deserts as a medium of superfast transportation may still seem to be a far-fetched delusion, but you will have to believe it because hyperloop is physically real. Hyperloop One, the company developing the ambitious project has recently released the pictures of their hyperloop test track called “DevLoop” located in the desert of Nevada.

Elon Musk, the founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX proposed the idea of a futuristic tube based high-speed transportation medium and Hyperloop One, a Las Vegas-based company, is one of the many companies trying to develop it; but with the release of ‘rosy’ images of ‘DevLoop’ straightaway from the desert of Nevada, seems like Hyperloop One has the farthest among all other companies.

DevLoop is 500 metres full-scale test structure with 3.35 metres in diameter and weighs over a thousand tonnes. Hyperloop will be ready for its first public trials in the first half of 2017 according to Hyperloop One. The company has signed contracts with countries like Dubai, Russia and Finland. In UAE, the goal is connecting Dubai and the capital city, Abu Dhabi by hyperloop to travel the distance within a super fast 12 minutes which would take 2 hours by car, that’s like within a jiffy! And since they are operated using magnets, they are quite eco-friendly, a cherry on top of the sundae. Let’s just hope they have considered the problems faced by people with claustrophobia.

The idea is to provide transportation at aircraft speeds for the price of a bus ticket; Hyperloop One is planning to move cargo by 2020 and people by 2021. People, brace yourself for the zappy-zoopy ride because it has potential future.