Any coffee-connoisseur will agree that what really makes a rich cup of some java brew is its aroma. Imagine picking up your mails that smells like coffee! With the introduction of new postage stamps that smell like coffee, all the coffee lovers will be able to enjoy the exhilaration bouquet of coffee while going through their mails.

India Post introduced their new coffee scented stamps at an event organised at the General Post Office in Bengaluru on Sunday. The scented stamps will be printed at the India Security Press and will be priced at Rs 100 and one lakh stamps have already been printed for sale. The stamps will currently be available at the Philately Bureau, Bangalore General Post Office, and all other head post offices.

Nirmala Seetharaman, India Post commerce and industry minister took to Twitter to celebrate the launch of the coffee-flavoured stamps.

This is the fourth fragrant stamp that India Post has issued, adding to its collection of sandalwood, rose and jasmine. Coffee being one of the most consumed and produced beverages of south India, mainly Karnataka, India Post decided to issue its next batch of fragrant stamps in this aroma. These coffee stamps have a layer of coffee granules that, when rubbed, give its distinctive aroma.

Bhutan was the first country to release aromatic stamps in 1973. New Zealand, Thailand and Switzerland joined in later. In 2006, India introduced its first aromatic stamp, with a Rs. 15 sandalwood-scented stamp where 30 lakhs of these sold out within two weeks. Later in 2007, rosy-rose scented stamps were introduced in four varieties of flower:  Jawahar, Neelam (I know, right!), Delhi Princess and Bhim; later in 2008 came the jasmine scented stamps.

Now those of you who are obsessed with coffee and also collect stamps can order some for themselves on the India Post website. The cappuccino-redolent stamps are already a hit on Twitter which all the coffee-obsessed tweelpe posting about the new stamps.