Pokemon Go players hunt for virtual animated creatures by moving around physical locations which implies higher activity levels and hence better health! Applaudissements!

Pokemon Go, an online game that has swiped over the globe like a wave, BOOM! The players walk and run around physical real locations to hunt down virtual animated creatures and catch them. People over whole world are going barmy about the unreal creature hunting game. But what’s optimistic about the game has recently been revealed.

The players are likely to walk 10,000 steps per day which is the recommended daily goal for a healthy life. The augmented reality application can actually boost people’s health and the fun is a frosting to the cake! (Let’s not talk about cakes and frostings, it’s supposed to be a “healthy” article!). The game can literally drag people out of their homes and sedentary lives and make them walk without being bored.

Researchers gathered data from 167 people who played Pokemon Go. The users provided information about the number of steps they took each day, using the step count that is automatically stored in the app. The results showed that players were twice as likely to reach 10,000 daily, after they began playing Pokemon Go.

The game can help obese and overweight people lose weight and get healthier. So charge your phones, get going on a hunt for weird creatures, it’s healthy for you and even your mom would let you play. Go play!