Known for speaking her mind, the B-town fashion diva Sonam Kapoor is set to join the Harvard Business School’s panel as she was invited to talk over the new ‘gender series’.

Sonam was the perfect choice to play the bold and fearless role of an Indian air hostess who saved the lives of entire flight in the movie Neerja, which was a real-life biopic of air hostess Neerja Bhanot. In real life, Sonam is obviously very known for her fashion sense and the approach of never scared of experimenting. Apart from being a very loved Bollywood fashionista, Sonam speaks her mind, which has landed her on an opportunity to be a part of Harvard Business School’s (HBS) panel for a special talk.

HBS’s India research centre which one of the best among Harvard’s South Asia platform has launched a Gender Series to talk about the topic – Beauty: Limiting or Liberating. The first conversation was conducted by HBS professor Geoffrey G. Jones and the second talk will be made by Sonam Kapoor. The research centre is responsible for carrying out lectures, roundtables, panel discussions and debates around substantive topics that are relevant from an Indian perspective. Who can be a better choice to talk straight fact about beauty, other than a Bollywood actress like Sonam Kapoor. She even participated in a debate and shared her insights regarding beauty notions and conception from Indian point of view.

She also talked about sensitive topics like body shaming and embracing individual’s own body. Sonam joined the elite HBS panel for special talk on July 14 and the event was curated at a hotel in Mumbai. She has been very vocally active about condemning body shaming and beauty notions and she had also put up on open letter which was titled ‘I didn’t wake up like this’ which broke off all the notions of flawlessness.