Being tech-savvy state, Andhra Pradesh now focuses on transgender community to provide pensions in account of welfare and development to least group of people.

CM Chandrababu Naidu hinted to share pensions with transgender community to provide better living standard and overall equality. Naidu said that government is committed to provide every possible solution where its finds for the welfare of Andhra people.

Apart from this, orphans and people on streets are also on cards of state government to provide them proper shelter and security. Infrastructure and power problems are now solved working stable in state, Naidu stated this as the next mission of government.

He urges all the govt officials to co-operate the people and vice-versa to provide better solution possible from government. 1100 helpline number has been installed to get feedback directly from public as a part of good governance.

Naidu also expressed his concerns over sand & liquor mafia which disturbed many people in state and it is now in total control. Such activity has been nullified from many areas. Consequently, if public complaints about liquor consumption, it will also be removed from that particular place or region, if necessary.

Dream of paperless governance, liquor mafia nullification are some of the challenges that have been faced by state and government is alert enough to control such activity whenever informed by proper source.