Indian table tennis player Soumyajit Ghosh had a double delight when he won both the men’s singles and doubles titles at the Seamaster ITTF Challenge Chile Open in Santiago on Sunday. This is the first time India has won the men’s doubles title on International Table Tennis Federation – ITTF Challenge Series or ITTF World Tour.

Ghosh beat compatriot Anthony Amalraj 4-2 in men’s singles finale to clinch the singles title and paired up with Amalraj earlier in doubles, the Ghosh-Amalraj duo had defeated Bulgarian pair of Philipp Floritz and Romania’s Hunor Szocs 4-0 to win the gold for India in men’s doubles.

With the win Ghosh became the third Indian to win the men’s single title at ITTF Challenge series while Amalraj became the fourth Indian to reach the singles final level. During the singles match, Amalraj started off with a good match but Ghosh reeled off a series of wins back to back in next three rounds and took the lead. Again the fifth game was won by Amalraj as a comeback trial but Ghosh, proving himself a strong contender, won the sixth game to achieve the singles title.

The men’s doubles triumph also proves to be the first victory for India at the ITTF Opens with a tight win of four matches back to back from the Indian duo, dust-defeating the Bulgarian duo with a clear easy win. Earlier Indian players had gone down till men’s doubles finale twice but never clinched the title at the ITTF. With the new records, India proves to be a good competitor in upcoming Table Tennis International challenges and matches.