Falcon Heavy, the mega-rocket that is also called world’s most powerful rocket developed by Elon Musk’s private space agency – SpaceX, made a successful launch on February 6 – along with a Tesla Roadster car that will travel 400 million kilometres into deep space and on Mars!

Considered to be one of the most anticipated space rocket launches, SpaceX Falcon Heavy was standing tall, ready for a triumphant launch from the Launchpad of NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida yesterday, trailblazing towards a mission that could change the way we make space travel. At exactly 3:45 p.m. on February 6, 2018 – 27 engines roared to life and thick fumes of white smoke unfurled the entire Launchpad. Within minutes, Falcon Heavy was airborne and lifting up in the backdrop of clear sky. The maiden space rocket made a flawless trajectory through the clear blue skies and, two of its reusable boosters returned back to earth successfully, in about 2-3 minutes after launch. This was watched by 100,000 people live and more than 2.3 million on YouTube!

Here’s the punch. Along for the space ride was a cherry red Tesla convertible car – the Roadster, a dummy rider who is popularly called ‘Starman’, wearing a SpaceX suit sitting on the driver’s seatwith a “Don’t Panic” sign in front and David Bowie’s song ‘Life on Mars’ playing on repeat. The $100,000 cherry red Tesla Roadster and fake Mr Starman will go through a deep space trip of 400 million kilometres on a solar orbit around Mars – for more than a billion years. Dear Mr Musk used a super maiden rocket – the Falcon Heavy – to send a car into the orbit around Mars – testing and hence, deploying technology with twice the launching power of any existing rocket in the world. This mission is a test flight for SpaceX, building on the history of Saturn V/Apollo and returning launchpad 39A to interplanetary missions.

Here’s the view from behind Mr Starman. Boy, a car is really out there, into the space!


And an old live stream from space, if you missed it:

However, Elon Musk says that the chances of Falcon Heavy returning is about 50-50 and the launchpad might just get destroyed with an explosion similar to Falcon 9 fireball in 2016. But, the flawlessly perfect launch of Falcon Heavy on Tuesday is a game changer for SpaceX, and hopes are high. If the mission becomes successful, it will be a game over for other operators of heavy-lift rockets. Personally, I really hope this mission becomes a success because it will prove to be one of the most critical and biggest step towards human travel to Mars – after all, the ultimate dream is to become the starman, waiting in the sky, experiencing the life on Mars – for real.