Nine months from today, we saw the heroic space mannequin named Starman and then he went ahead for space journey, riding the epic space Roadster by Tesla that was launched into the space by Elon Musk’s SpaceX in one of their Falcon launches. And now we hear that, he has made it past the Mars orbits.

On February 14th, we watched the Starman make its maiden space flight riding the space Roadster on Falcon Heavy rocket. He then sent some cool selfies with Earth on the backdrop and he had suddenly disappeared into space. Now that is has been nine months since the space-suited super mannequin has survived in the space, SpaceX says that Starman has moved considerably close to Mars but has moved beyond the orbit of Mars.


They even estimated that Roadster will get pretty close to Mars and will keep orbiting in the solar system like some planet or solar body; and Musk believed that Starman will make it beyond Mars and drive to the asteroid belt. Either way, he has made it past Mars. So what is next from the space mannequin? Perhaps, he is not panicking at all and seems to be in the mood to make the next stop at “the restaurant at the end of the universe”. And he is pretty much on schedule with having travelled beyond Mars orbits and will soon touch the farthest point at a distance of 155 million miles (249 million km) from the sun on Thursday and then move ahead for its journey.

According to Ben Pearson’s model for space Roadster, it will reach to its farthest point from us in February next year and after that the orbit will keep shrinking for “hundreds of years” and might get real close to us in November 2020. Whatever happens to the space guy next, he has already travelled 36,000 mile (57,900 km) warranty over 10 thousand times by traveling a distance equivalent to 16.4 times the combined length of every road on Earth – and it is surly the fastest Roadster ever. That is something right?