Within a week of launch in India, Spotify India has gained itself a million active users from the country – surpassing the track records of other music streaming giants like Gaana, Saavn, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Globally well-received Swedish music streaming app Spotify finally made its debut in India after a long wait, and clocked itself 1 million unique active users within just a week. The crowd of million includes free as well as paid premium users, with plans starting from Rs 13 for a day to Rs 1187 for a yearly subscription. The overwhelming response that Spotify India received from the Indian market is a solid start for the company, especially in a country that already has prominent contenders like Jio Saavn, Xiomi-backed Hungama, Gaana, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

For Spotify, the catch for sustaining the competitive Indian market would be its ad-backed free version, pocket-friendly and wide range of subscription packages, the 50% discount for students and the smart auto-suggestion and auto-streaming algorithms that holds its charm over others. Also, since consumption of digital content is on the rise for Indian market, Spotify India’s promise to provide both local and international music to free and paid users will help it stand out among other options.

Not to forget about the exclusive features that Spotify India offers just for India – like multi-language music recommendations, city playlists that list out trending music in various cities and access to over 40 million songs and 3 billion playlists. With an experience in 79 countries, boasting 207 million active users all over the world, Spotify has its action plan to invade the Indian market – and that gives them “a fair chance to become a very, very strong player in the Indian market”.