While the sudden death of India’s first superstar Sridevi has left the film industry with a vacuum, her husband and film producer Boney Kapoor is planning to produce a documentary or feature film based on Sridevi’s life. He has already registered. Various titles for the film, which include Sri, Sridevi, Sri ma’am, with the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association. (IMPPA)

Sridevi, known as the epitome of Indian cinematic acting, passed away at an early age of 54 on 24th of February this year. The untimely death of the actress has brought a shock – not just to her family, but the entire film industry and fan-base. While it is impossible to fill in the Sridevi’s shoes and the deficit of her talent will always be felt, Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor has plans that will enliven the actress on silver screen all over again. As a sign of his immense love for his late wife, Boney Kapoor is planning to make a biopic or a feature story or documentary film on Sridev’s life.

Confirming his plans regarding the film, Boney Kapoor said, “There are plans to make a film, but I can’t tell you whether it will be a biopic or documentary. I don’t see the need to rush into anything. Whenever there is any further development, everyone will come to know about it.” As per reports, the work on scripture for the film is in full swing and a leading writer who has experience with more than 300 films in multiple languages, has been appointed by Kapoor. Titles like Sri, Sridevi and Sri Ma’am are currently been registered with the movie registration department.

However, resources say that there are 20 more odd titles for the film have been registered by Boney Kapoor in the movie registration department. Since this will be a feature film or a biopic, the storyline will certainly be revolving around Sridevi’s life and giving the insights of her personal life, her career in the film industry, marriage with Boney Kapoor and how she gave up her acting career to bring up her two daughters Janhvi and Khushi. Not much has been revealed about this film, but it will be a treat for the late actress’ huge fan-base – after all, it will mean getting to know Sridevi better and watching her relive the silver screen all over again.