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Sridevi's phenomenal acting in Mom is a treat to watch, overpowering the glitches the movie

Starring Sridevi, Mom is a story of an angry Indian mummy who revenges her step-daughter's rape after they fail to receive justice from the judiciary system. We have watched the same, almost same storylines before and the movie is hitched by quite a lot of glitches, but the remarkable acting of Sridevi overrides all that, making Mom lot more enjoyably watchable.

We have watched these movies, painting the pain of a sexual assault victim and how the 'unsupportive' judicial system and police force compels the loved ones of victims to fight for justice, themselves. From Raveena Tandon's Maatr to Bachchan's Pink and Hritik Roshan's Kaabil, each story somehow in some form picks up the 'revenge' storyline and so does Mom, but it is a more of a 'stylish' revenge thriller and less shrill as compared to - well its predecessors. The fight of a step-mom - Devaki played by Sridevi, for the gruesome crime impelled on her step-daughter Arya, who doesn't quite accept Devaki as her mother and is still haunted by the loss of her birth mother, is a typical Bollywood emotional roller-coaster centering maaaa.

During the movie, Sridevi finds herself between a mom fighting for justice as the helpless and angry mother of a child who is fighting for life and an 'outsider' trying to reach the warmth from the same child who is not accepting her as her mother. Despite playing the character with immense emotion turmoil, Sridevi delivered a masterclass of how great actor she is. Portraying a vulnerable and visibly weak character of Devaki, she looks straight into the eyes through the theatre screen and makes you realise of how truly gifted performer she is.

About the movie, Mom's pre-interval portion plays off beyond expectation, the unconventionally presented relationship of stepmother and daughter, the chilling yet sensitively done scene of Arya's assault without showing a single shot of what actually happened to Arya. This part of the movie is likely to sob you up but the post-interval portion of the movie canvases just normal people reacting normally to any crime - giving it away to the Bollywood cliché.

There were also some moments which utterly wrongfully displayed a conservative screenplay - like the scene when Devaki goes to police station for reporting her missing daughter and the cops said that she may have most likely taken off with her boyfriend as it was Valentine's night. That was when Devaki said "you may have come across many such girls but my daughter is not that type". What? That type? Really? This comes out more of an issue because Devaki was characterised as an open-minded person.

But when it comes to acting and how enjoyable any movie is, real is one thing but interesting is better; and with Sridevi's acting complimented by that of Nawazuddin Shah, Sajal Ali, Adnan Siddique and Akshaye Khanna, Mom is surely an interestingly gripping movie.

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