The Boss Baby is a borderline-cute and pretty much unconventional fantasy animated movie by DreamWorks Animation which actually violates the laws of universe in a very cheery unusual way. And my instincts say that the Boss Baby is going to rule, if not the world, at least the box offices.

Babies (mostly) tend to eat, cry, giggle, nap, pee, poop and gaga-googoo all day long but the fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation named ‘The Boss Baby’, as the name suggests, is all about a kid wearing black business suits, carrying briefcases, chug espressos and plot hostile corporate strategies and much more. Yeah that’s right, babies can do that at least according to Tom McGrath, producer of The Boss Baby.

The Boss Baby is not a movie about a baby who is the boss of a company — it’s more of a fantastical riff on babies’ tendency to take over their parents’ lives, filtered through the overactive imagination of the kiddo’s big brother, Tim. Tim hasn’t exactly warmed to the new family addition, having realized how much attention the baby steals away from him.

The film covers an interesting plot where the Boss Baby to his besotted parents, a pair of pet-company executives (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel), is an eating, crying, giggling, napping, self-soiling bundle of joy, miraculously delivered to their doorstep in accordance with family-friendly MPAA guidelines.

I am going to do a favour to you and will not rant down the whole plot of the movie as a spoiler and will let you sit back and enjoy the unconventional kiddie starred by Alec Baldwin; yeah the same Baldwin who began his stint as Donald Trump on Saturday Night live, but to be clear the movie is not about Trump, not at least specifically. The movie is already in theatres today, so go get your tickets. A tale not as old as time. We hope you enjoy the movie of a baby who knows how to goo-gaa around like a boss.