Renowned theoretical physicist and a popular public figure Stephen Hawking’s final work will be published in October in form of a book – “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”, answering some of the deepest questions humanity has ever asked related to universe.

Sometimes, it is not possible to say everything one knows, not in a lifetime, especially not when one is Stephen Hawking, even particularly not when ones goal is to get a “complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all”. And that is what posthumous books are for. Well known theoretical physicist with an immense interest in researching about the universe, Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14 this year, aged 76 – living most of his life suffering from chronic Motor Neuron Disease (also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease). While he might not have answered all the deep questions about universe and our existence before he died, his final work – a book titled “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” will answer lot of them, if not all.

Hawking’s “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” will be published in October this year, bringing light to the details of his perspectives on everything from the creation of the universe, black holes, alien intelligence, and the existence of God to space colonisation and artificial intelligence. Since this a too much information, the entire book will be divided into four sections: Why Are We Here? Will We Survive? Will Technology Save Us or Destroy Us? How Can We Thrive? Everything in the book will be an amalgamation of Stephen Hawking’s thoughts, humour, theories and writing merged together into one beautiful edition.

The idea to publish the posthumous book seeded from thousands of requests that Hawking received from people to seek answers to some of the big questions of the present times. Hence, Hawking’s last book will be a collection of his answers to the most profound and perplexing questions in the universe. Hawking’s popular book “A Brief History of Time”, is a popular science book on cosmology with figures of over 13 million copies sales worldwide. Perhaps the final book will be a detailed and complex work looking at how the universe began – and arguing that it is finite and simpler than we may have ever presumed.