Overtaking is permitted or not; is the ultimate aim for the yellow and white lines on the road. Generally, it is required only when there is no divider or partition between two sides of the road.

There are types of lines which indicate different means of their sign. Broken White lines indicate that changing the lane is permitted, but with caution.

Solid Yellow lines usually indicate overtaking can be performed but without crossing lines.

Solid Double Yellow lines are strict enough to control you in the same line without permitting you to overtake.

Although, the meaning and usage of these lines differs with regions. If you talk about solid double lines that is painted yellow or white, indicates that neither stream of traffic is allowed to cross the lines. They are used where visibility is restricted in both directions.

One solid yellow line with a broken yellow line means that if a person is driving on the side of the broken line, they are allowed to overtake, however, if a person is driving on the side of the solid line, they are not allowed to overtake.