New Delhi: Mandeep scored goals in the 45th, 51st and 58th minutes. Heita Yoshihara and Genki Mitani scored inside five minutes in the second from last quarter. India will know about their destiny simply after the finish of the Great Britain v Australia match later today.

Japan, positioned sixteenth in the men’s game, pushed World No 6 India shot for shot while running them almost worn out, yet at last were left paralysed by a hat-trick of goals from Mandeep Singh.

In a blending presentation of perfection, Mandeep scored goals in the 45th, 51st and 58th minutes to pull a hailing India far from their adversaries, for whom Heita Yoshihara and Genki Mitani had scored inside five minutes as the second from last quarter finished with Japan ahead 3-2.

As in the match against Australia on Tuesday, India was put into the advantage first just to end the principal half with the scores level, yet what truly undermined to end their battle was permitting Japan goals in the 43rd and 45th minutes. Some way or another, India kept their heads to bounce back in the last quarter through Mandeep’s remarkable stick work which was, eventually, the contrast amongst triumph and an annoyed misfortune.

This was not a match ailing in power or show. In the eighth moment, seconds after Akash Chikte stood out a leg to stop an endeavour at goal, experienced drag flick master Rupinder Pal Sigh changed over India’s first PC into a 1-0 advantage. Japan neglected to utilise their first PC a brief time later, yet Kazuma Marata scored the equaliser in the thirteenth moment. The principal quarter went to a strained close with a flick from Harmanpreet Singh spared by Shimoto, just for Affan Yousuf to miss the redirection by the most slender of edges.

From 1-1 at half-time, Japan continued matching India shot for shot. In the 43rd moment, No 12 Yoshihara’s stunning field goal put Japan ahead, just for Mandeep to draw level with 36 seconds on the clock. Be that as it may, then, stunningly, Mitani opened one past a languid Chikte to return Japan ahead of the pack with only seven seconds to go in quarter three.

Back to back PCs missed, including one by drag-flick master Rupinder, tightened up the pressure as the clock slowed down. India got a life saver on account of Mandeep’s second goal in the 51st moment, and when the striker got this third with just shy of three minutes left in the match, India had by one means or another figured out how to break free from Japan’s lively exertion.