The fashion industry is the most ever-evolving industry ever, it evolves with time, seasons, location and many other factors. So here’s a quick pre-use manual with ideas from London fashion week to Indian fashion advisers, before you hit the stores to stock clothes up this summer.

With the weather changing suddenly almost across India, it is time to take off those heavy layering and those thick jackets – and replace them with flowy, airy outfits for beating the 45 degrees that are heading to us in short time. While winter is about neutrals, blacks, dark colours and heavy lined outfits, summer has to be all about bright colors and light flowy airy fabrics with a tad touch of frills and floral patterns.

The ongoing London Fashion Week is setting a taste for the autumn-summer season in international fashion industry, giving us the insights of trends about to hit during this summer. There was the usual feminine florals, pretty embroideries, stripes, and ruffles – but the trendy pastels and whites are a go-to this summer. And the bright side is that you won’t need to spend a fortune to get designer trendy this year.

Our top picks for summer fashion are:

  1. The pinks and reds and yellows:

From pale or punchy or bright – pinks to the hottest ever-in-fashion classic – red to the happy summer colour – yellow choose your favourite.

  1. Embroidery:

Embroidery is in on everything. From ethereal dresses to jackets that you won’t want to take off.

  1. Seaside bold stripes:

Just when might have felt that there’s nothing new in stripes, seaside stripes were introduced. These bold into-your-face stripes are a summer staple. Be stripy from head to toe because you know where to draw a line.

  1. Florals:

What can be more soothing than cute calming floral prints to beat the fierce heat? Bloom up into a fresh summery look.

  1. Ruffles and frills:

The soft ruffles and airy frills add a touch of romantic classic look.

  1. Flatforms:

Cheer up girls who love height but hate heels. The most comfortable heel style – Flatform is back in vogue. Flatform up for this summer girls.

There you go, heads up with a summer-ready wardrobe for 2019.