Sasan Gir, the only home of the Asiatic lions, the region that sustains royal species aka the kings of the wildlife in wilderness is considered to be one of the most important protected areas in Asia. The Gujarat Tourism Department has organized a one-month-long ‘Gir Summer Festival’ at the very home of the lions.

The Gir Summer Festival is organized at the Sasan Gir Forest in Junagadh district and will begin from April 29, 2017 that is today and will stretch for a month till May 29, 2017. Jashabhai Barad, the minister of state for water supply, civil aviation and salt industry will inaugurate the Summer carnival today at Helipad Ground in Bhalchhel village near Sasan Gir. During the inauguration ceremony, artists will perform local dance and folk songs to display the traditional culture of Gujarat. Various cultural and sports activities will be organised during the month-long event.

Getting to the ‘sweeter’ part of the Summer festival; imagine yourselves in Gujarat, in summer season, in the Gir region, in a summer festival. What do you see? Lions? Good, what else do you see? Mangoes, of course, duh! Mangoes cannot be missed when it comes to summery festivals in Gujarat. The event will focus on displaying various varieties of mangoes and will especially highlight the ‘Kesar’ mango which belongs to Gujarat and more precisely belongs to the Gir region of Gujarat.

The festival will make sure that the Gujarati Kesar mango will be enjoyed by all national and international tourists and it will surely win everyone’s hearts (or should I say tummies) with its irresistible taste and the unique delicious flavour which will make everyone crave for more. According to the organizers, this festival will provide opportunities to the local mango farmers and traders and also the handicraft and folk art makers to nurture and widespread their businesses.

The glimpse of transcendent lion pride and the taste of piquant tropical fruit – mangoes, this is definitely an epic summer treat and can be enjoyed nowhere other than Sasan Gir, Gujarat. Roar!