Ending the much publicised mid-air brawl, comedian Kapil Sharma and his former colleague Sunil Grover are finally up to mend the relations as the latter is likely to reappear on screen in The Kapil Sharma Show; but there’s a catch.

As per reports, celebrity producer of The Kapil Sharma Show – Salman Khan took over and intervened to resolve the dispute between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. And the latest update is that Khan had brought the two in discussion and successfully mediated for a patch-up between the co-performers. Which is why, Grover might soon be seen on the The Kapil Sharma Show, once again – but not as a team member of the show – instead just for a guest appearance.

He is most likely to join hands with Kapil on the show as a guest for promotions of his upcoming film Bharat – along with Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan. Grover’s reappearance on the show will signify an end to the 2017 mid-air fight between the two former co-performers that ended his collaboration with the show immediately. Speaking about this, Grover said that he had “casual discussion” with Salman Khan about re-joining the show, but was dismissed as the schedules clashed with his Bharat filming schedule.

While the Sharma-Grover relations are mending, The Kapil Sharma Show has caught itself into another controversy itself over lead commenter Navjot Singh Sidhu’s comments on Pulwama attack. Speaking about this, Sharma said, “Navjot Singh Sidhu is busy with his prior commitments due to which Archana Puran Singh is shooting with us. These are very small things, or can also be a part of propaganda. I feel banning someone or sacking Navjot Singh Sidhu from the show is not the solution. We need to look for a permanent solution”.