Supreme Court will soon be delivering the much-awaited verdict on the firecracker ban today as Diwali approaches and considering the amount of pollution and the health rights of 1.3 billion people as well as the right to employment and business of thousands of firecracker manufacturers and workers – it is necessary to roll out some norms.

So in a bid to regulate the use of firecrackers and controlling the air pollution Supreme Court bench of justices AK Shikri and Ashok Bhushan will deliver the rulings on firecracker manufacturing, sale and bursting. While there are proposals to completely ban the sale of crackers, the apex court earlier said that they need to look from all the aspects, which includes the fundamental right of livelihood of firecracker manufacturers and the right to health of over 1.3 billion people in the country.

On one hand, considering the state of firecracker manufacturer and workers whose livelihood depends on these crackers, and the bolstered sale during the festive Diwali season – the SC can not be completely banned, and rather regulate the sale on a certain level. But on the other hand, the high level of smoke, air pollutants and noise released during the festival of Diwali cannot be ignored; especially when the country’s capital is gasping for mere ounce of clean air to breathe. One can only wait for the verdict.