Digital here, digital there, digital everywhere is the agenda of Modi government and to keep that persistent, PM Narendra Modi has launched an integrated case management system for the apex court of India; the Supreme Court on the way to go paperless and all digital.

In ‘honour’ of Digital India vision for India, a digital database system for the Supreme Court has been developed and was launched on Wednesday in presence of Chief Justice of India, Jagdish Singh Khehar. As per Modi, the country needs technology to make the judiciary system more effective and advanced as well as going paperless will contribute towards saving the environment. The system will help litigants to access data and retrieve information online.

This will be the first step towards introduction of digital filing and will prove to be a benchmark initiative to spur the digitalization movement in Indian judicial system. The launching function was held at Vigyan Bhavan at 10:30 AM where PM Modi uploaded the Integrated Case Management System with the Supreme Court website. Speaking on the event, CJ Khehar said that he proposes to integrate the system with all the 24 High Courts and subordinate courts. This will usher transparency, reduce manipulation of data and help the litigant know about the progress of the case on a real time basis.

Farewell to those bulky paper books, files and records of the apex court of India with the introduction of the digital judicial management system. The court fees and the process fees will also be calculated online which will make the payment system transparent and legitimate for the litigants.

The lawyers can register online via e-filing which will enable them to file the cases without visiting to the registry and can be e-filed from their offices. As per CJ Khehar, E-filing was the best part of the whole digital system. There will be no need of hard-copies of any forms or documents from now on in the Supreme Court of India. This will make a considerable input to digitalization and environment friendly system.