Non-immigrant US visas for Indian citizens saw a hike of 28% for this year as compared to the average of 2016. Although this doesn’t mean any loosening in the H1B visa policies, India got a hike whereas Pakistan faced a fall of 40% less non-immigrant visa.

As per data of the State Department of America, Indian nationals received 87,049 visas in April and 97,925 visas in March this year as compared to 72,082 non-immigrant visas each month on average last year. Under Donald Trump’s travel ban, huge number of non-immigrant visas were rejected and the number significantly declined on an average, but for India, the number in contrast rose by 28%. Whereas, the neighbour country Pakistan’s stat dropped by 40%. So is this Trump effect?

When asked about it to a spokesperson of the State Department, it was diplomatically answered that the non-immigrant visa is a non-uniform procedure and the number of visas vary as per country, nationality or visa category level. The visa application number increases during peak travel seasons and holiday seasons and since India has long summer vacations, people tend to travel more.

The drop in Pakistani visa number can be an aftermath of the travel ban that Trump had implemented from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. But US federal courts has already blocked the order after mass accusations about discrimination with a particular community and group of people. Still the drop in the number of visas granted to Pakistanis is a skeptic question and though the US officials say it is just the seasonal non-uniformity, well, somehow it doesn’t seem acceptable. But what is the secret about India’s visa hike? Modi effect or summer effect?