Social media junkies would surely be aware of the quirkiness of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, moving forward as a quirk, he went ahead and actually bought himself a piece of land on the “dark side of the moon”, which is actually on moon – the real moon.

Space travel and celestial fantasies are no new kid-dreams, but for Sushant Singh Rajput, space has always been more than just a childhood dream. He legit went through it by choosing to play Rakesh Sharma in India’s first ever space film – Chanda Mama Door Ke. While Sushant’s Instagram is enough to reveal his geeky curious side, the actor actually attended a gruelling training camp at NASA involving neutral buoyancy, spacewalk drills, moonwalks, and zero gravity – just to bring authenticity and honesty for his character in the film.

If that awes you, then check this out – Sushant owns one of the world’s most advanced civilian telescopes – the Meade 14” LX600 which enables us to explore the universe with a vision that cannot be seen with naked eye, or just other telescope. And, and he has also decided to take 100 kids to the US Space and Rocket Centre this year, once again. With all this, it is apparent that Sushant is a science and space geek, and when it comes to quirkiness, the actor has no stopping. Which is why he didn’t stop and went ahead to buy an actual piece of moon.

Sushant Singh Rajput has reportedly bought property on moon through the International Lunar Lands Registry and became the first Bollywood actor to buy land on moon. Sure Shah Rukh Khan already owns some land on moon, but he never bought it for himself and it was a gift from a fan. The interesting part is, Sushant bought the piece of land on the blind dark side of the moon, which is not visible from Earth. The area is fondly called the Mare Muscoviense, or the “Sea of Muscovy”. What actually is special about the Sea of Muscovy is that the region is shaped very similar to India and if earth were to be replaced by moon, Sea of Muscovy would fall at the exact same place where India is. So yes, this guy bought himself a piece of land in Moon’s India, what did you eat today?