Mumbai: Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj has interceded after a man, who used to live in Andheri, griped of being whipped by his boss in Mozambique when the day’s income at their shop “disappeared” from the money box.

Anand Krishna Singh, who works in Africa, was supposedly blamed for burglary and thumped at gunpoint by his boss and his passport was taken away.

His sister Anita Suvarna writes and tweeted to the experts, tagging Swaraj.


Swaraj retweeted Indian mission’s tweet on Wednesday, “High Commission has established contact with Mr Anand (Krishna Singh) and trying to resolve the issue.” The young is relied upon to return to Mumbai on Friday.


Singh had kept in touch with the Indian consulate in Maputo, “On Saturday, my shop amount of 8,63,940 medicals was robbed. I had kept the cash in the box as usual and when I opened it on Monday to deposit, I saw it wasn’t there. I informed the owner who accused me of having robbed the amount and began beating me very badly. The owner’s son kept a pistol on my forehead and took in writing that I had robbed the money and would pay it back by June 9 otherwise they will kill me.” He asserted his requests of guiltlessness went unheard and his body was swollen from the beating and the required medicinal assistance.

Singh affirmed that his bosses had taken away his passport and different documents, and had additionally not paid him compensation throughout the previous nine months. His friends and family members in Mumbai and Goa had tweeted to Swaraj and the PMO, aside from posting the message on social media to help repatriate him to India.