The Indian unit of Suzuki Motor Corps will now use lithium-ion batteries in premium cars, replacing the conventional lead batteries for better efficiency and cost effectiveness, especially for their small cars.

As the lithium ion battery has more efficiency and lasts longer than the lead batteries, they will now be fitted in Swift hatchback and the cars costing more than it, said these people. Company thinks that the perks of changing the battery will be more with one being it’s cost effectiveness and the other being a benefit to Gujarat’s economy. And as Maruti supplies about half of the demand of cars in India, it will be really beneficial for them even if they fit a part of their supplied cars with lithium batteries.

A battery manufacturing plant of Suzuki is the under progress with Toshiba Corp. and Denso Corp. as the funding partners. The cost of this plant may exceed 1000 crore Rs., as estimated by the company. It’s not that the batteries will only be used for cars. They are about to launch an electric two-wheeler in coming year, using the batteries manufactured at the Gujarat plan, and as most electric vehicles in the country run on batteries imported from China, the shift will definitely cause a hike in economy. One of the concerns is also the prices of lead being very high in price. No doubt, the direct price comparison prove lead batteries to be cheaper but their usage time is significantly less than the lithium ion batteries which makes the lead batteries more expensive.

Even Union government wants to reduce the use of lead due to its prices being on a constant hike, whereas lithium has its cost quite stable in the comparison of lead. Also, The department of heavy industries, in one of it’s scheme, has taken back subsidies provided for vehicles fitted with lead batteries, which can be tackled by changing the batteries by the company.