A Swedish global telecommunication firm, Ericsson conducted first-ever end-to-end demonstration of 5G technology in India. Furthermore, the company is said to have partnered with India telco giant Bharti Airtel to swoop in the future 5G market in India.

While India is pacing up with 4G speeds, the telecommunication companies are desperate to bring in the futuristic 5G technology – that will transform the way we use internet. Recently, the Government of India shown readiness to bid for 5G spectrums, and that was followed by pre-5G trials from Chinese telecom gear maker ZTE. In latest development over 5G, a Swedish telecom gear maker firm named Ericsson – which has spread its spurs in global market, conducted first-ever live end-to-end demo of 5G technology in India. The demo was made using Ericsson’s 5G test bed and 5G New Radio (NR) and it delivered a throughput of 5.7GBPS and ultra-low latency of just 3 milliseconds! That is mind-blowing speed and unbelievably low latency – perfecto!

Ericsson’s demo was intended to pitch in for the company’s ongoing efforts to build a robust 5G technology network in the potent Indian market. Ericsson spokesperson said that the company is willing to dedicate their technology in building an efficient and robust 5G ecosystem in India, and with support from the Government, they can roll out 5G in India by 2020. According to the latest survey, 5G technology will enable $27.3 billion – that is about Rs. 1,77,489 crores of revenue potential for telecom operators by 2026 – that is a huge, huge piece of rupee-cake. No wonder why everyone jumping up to dive into the Indian market.

During the demo, Ericsson also showcased their advancements in Radio Network Evolution, 5G Ready Transport and Network Slicing. Considering that Ericsson has quite a lot of expertise in 5G technology, they already have MoU with 36 countries and their new 5G platform comprises of 5G core, radio and transport portfolios, with digital support systems, transformation services and security – it is like they are armed up to transform Indian market. With keen interest, Ericsson has joined hands with Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel for 5G technology, for whom it is already a vendor in areas like managed services and 4G.