During climate talks at Bonn, Syria told the United Nations that it will ink down the Paris Climate Agreement – leaving US the only country which opted for staying out of the landmark climate treaty.

We all know how miserable situations are, at Syria – the country is facing one of the creepiest humanitarian crisis, thanks to the civil war. Lakhs of people have lost their lives, millions have lost their homes and have taken refuge to other countries – only to live in misery. The people living in Syria are suffering shortage of basic supplies like food and water; and the country already has enough to worry about. Yet, they have decided to sign the landmark Paris Agreement as the Syrian delegate, speaking in Arabic, said, “We are going to join the Paris Agreement” – during a plenary session at the 196-nation talks.

With this, the US now stands alone to become the only country in the whole world to reject the global climate accord that was embodied in 2015. So it is almost like United States against the whole world – or rather the POTUS. In June, when Donald Trump announced that the US has pulled out from the Paris Agreement because the accord seems “very unfair at the highest level” for the US – they joined Syria and Nicaragua as the only non-signatories of the accord. Now those two countries already cut-out with legitimate reasons. Syria was and is still, facing a civil war since 2012 – a very valid reason; and Nicaragua thought the agreement wasn’t ambitious enough.


It was only last month that Nicaragua decided to sign up the climate accord and stand up for saving this dying climate of our world. Which left only Syria and US – but just today, Syria too decided to change its heart and ink down the agreement that is meant to save the climate – by joining hands with the entire world. Guess which is the only country left – the prodigious US with all the wealth, technology, infrastructure, richness; the uber-developed superpower. Yet, Trump says that it was part of his “solemn duty to protect America” and he would seek a new deal that would not disadvantage US businesses. But Mr. Trump, even Syria has signed it.

Also, the Paris Agreement sounds humble enough to prove to be ‘unfair’ to any country as it sets out a goal to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, a crucial threshold above which dangerous changes to the climate are likely irreversible. That goal is required so that we can get zero greenhouse-gas emission by 2050 and that is the only way to save this atmosphere – as of now. While countries in humanitarian crisis too, are ready to contribute their bit in the name of climate, there are some acumen men who still wonder if the climate change is reality or a hoax put up for financial benefits. Way to go Syria.