Tourism is the hot cookie that every country wants to buy, even China – which is why, it has 30-day visa-free entry and stay to its southernmost island province of Beijing called Hainan to citizens of 33 new countries, making it a total of 59 countries. Is India included too?

China has a bonanza for international tourists by providing a permit for visa-free travel to its southernmost province – a tropical island town called Hainan. As per the new policy which has been implemented from May, travellers from 59 countries are now allowed to travel to Hainan without visa and can stay in the island province for 30 days – without visa, whatsoever. The Chinese administration expects that this move will help in bolstering the tourism industry in the tropical Chinese island by attracting international tourists and promoting development in the region.

The State Immigration Administration of China informed that tourists from countries like Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and the US are now allowed to visit Hainan without visa – effective from May 1, 2018 and can stay there for up to a month. However, the visa-free entry and stay in Hainan will only be allowed if foreign travellers book through Chinese tour agencies. This will give Hainan less stringent visa requirements than in the rest of China, where travellers have to apply for visas through Chinese consulates abroad.

Previously, China had liberated visa rules and was offering a 15-day visa-free stay for group tourists from 21 countries since 2000 and added another five countries to the list in 2010. By extending the stay to 30 days and adding more western countries, China is hitting stone over attracting more international tourists, nurture the tourism industry and meet the needs of foreign individuals. The liberation for travel industry as part of a package of reforms to remake the island as a free trade zone and a beacon of openness for China. If you are wondering whether India is among the list of 59 countries included for visa-free travel, here’s the list: