Have you always wanted to save the world in some way? Maybe like Superman and Batman or even Captain Kirk? Here’s your chance because NASA has an out of the world job opening – the Planetary Protection Officer (PPO), who will save Earth from aliens! And the job comes with a 6-figure salary too, no joke.

NASA, one of the most prominent space research organisations is offering a six-figure salary position with job description to defend Earth from aliens. Someone with a secret security clearance who will make sure that we Earthlings are not exterminated by alien life or more particularly organic-constituent and biological contamination from space. So it is not exactly what you may have imagined the ‘aliens’ to be, but it is still aliens and the PPOs will save the earth from contamination. The job sounds pretty cool which will make you feel like Agent J or Agent K, an arsenal to save Earth’s arse!

Why such an out-of-the-box job opening at NASA? You see, once we start landing on other planets and stuff, we won’t know what is out there and the astronauts will land on super strange places so when they come back on Earth, they will really need to wipe their chunky space boots. The wiping off thing has to be done really well so that Earth remains safe from all unknown extra-terrestrial bugs, viruses, spores or bacteria. That is the simple language job description of Planetary Protection Officer, oh and yes the PPOs will also be in charge of making sure that when we land on some exoplanet which supports its own kind of life, we don’t bring anything from Earth which might wipe those exo-beings out. Like remember those octopus-like guys in War of the Worlds who were trying to destroy New Jersey but suddenly they all died from some random “earthly” bacteria? Yeah, we don’t want that to happen in real life.

For this job, NASA offers a “six-figure” salary and it is all showy about it but the pay-scale ranges from $124,406 to $187,000 a year – which might seem like a nice chunk of money, but NASA, really? That is less than what Justin Bieber spends at some weekend party and that is what you pay to somebody whose job is to keep Earth from becoming a lifeless orb spinning in the infinite blackness of eternity! And the job description doesn’t even say that they can roam around in black suits, ties and hats and carry a device that will wipe off people’s memory – which by the way would be super cool. Maybe they offer great healthcare.

P.S.: Seriously, I am not kidding! Check out the job post here. One just have to be an American citizen to apply.