Today, on the event of India’s National Sports Day, a National Sports Talent Search portal was launched by VP Venkaiah Naidu – which will help searching new sportsperson, easily and efficiently.

The Sports Ministry of India has been planning and publicising launch of a national level sports portal since months, and finally the ambitious National Sports Talent Search portal has been launched. India is a vast country, but somewhere we have always lagged behind in nurturing sport to match international standards. The only sport which is focused upon, given importance, spent millions on and played at a significant level on international level is – without any doubts – cricket, men’s cricket to be particular. Everything other than that fades away into depths which are far away from getting any importance or any love; even India’s national sport – hockey.

To change this situation and bring out potentially talented young men and women who want to build their careers in sports, the Sports Ministry has launched this talent search portal. Addressed as, the portal will provide young Indians a direct link to the sports ministry and senior sports administrators who will help them in building their sports careers and highlight their achievements.

The portal will allow anyone above the age of 8 to register on the portal and upload their biodata, achievements and videos. The data will then be curated by administrators who will shortlist sportsmen and sportswomen based on their talents and help in specializing in any particular sport. The shortlisted candidates will receive national level special training which will bring out the talent and the potential hidden in them. And even parents, coaches and teachers can register on behalf of their wards to receive better training and a successful sport career.

Launched by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu today, the web portal will allow transparent platform and link directly to national level administration for sports aspirants. This will create a favourable infrastructure for sports in all states and the much-needed requirement of bringing out any sport other than just cricket. Especially because, India is not short of talent – we have 450 million youth, so you can imagine the amount of energy and potential we are hiding in.