It is normal that Tata Motors may acquaint a car comparative with the Nano with electric power train, which was prior displayed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

As per Autocar India, the new MOFlex stage won’t be elite to the mid-engined 2-seater Tamo Racemo sports car, rather will generate another hatchback that is reputed to be known as the ‘Nano’.

The car will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack to offer adequate range for urban utilisation. While the organisation hasn’t made any official remark, we expect the new electric car to be evaluated at around Rs 5 to Rs 6 lakh and when propelled, it will rival any semblance of Mahindra e2o Plus.

The MOFlex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) is a creative measured stage that appeared in the Racemo, where it can be amassed from few modules rather than several little segments used to manufacture a consistent car.

Tata has demonstrated enthusiasm towards an all-electric Nano, notwithstanding going ahead with testing models, so it’s imaginable this could come into fruition through Tamo. No subtle elements of the electric power train exist right now, however, Tata has been trying such powertrains with the carmaker’s European Technical Center. The organisation displayed a Tata Bolt EV in the UK as a demonstrator, which stuffed an 80 kW electric engine with a 100 km driving extent.

In 2015, the Government of India propelled the FAME India Scheme to advance Eco-friendly vehicles. FAME India is a part of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP). The plan will bolster the hybrid and electric vehicles improvement as well.

The plan is proposed to be actualized over a time of 6 years till 2020. With rising interest for incentives on electric vehicle deals, Tata’s new car may get some value relaxations, bringing about a focused sticker price. The car is required to be propelled around the finish of 2018 in India. The organisation may likewise take a gander at sending out this car to different markets at a later stage.