Amid Telengana land scam issue last month, CM K Chandrashekhar urges govt. officials to make their land records public with all the details required.

Following the public-government transparency, CM asked the officials to clear the surveys and settlement regarding the land and all the details of who owns it. He further urged that all the transactions for land with both sale and purchase should be done within govt radar.

In addition, Pattadars pass books and Pahani documents are the things that created lots of confusion in past. Asking to clear it, CM wanted the transactions should be done through bank only. He also instructed govt. employees to make a strategy where they can easily filter out the land records and make future transactions simple and transparent.

He likewise requesting that they set up an action plan to execute survey settlement with the village as a unit and dispatch the survey as ahead of schedule as would be prudent.

In the seven-hour long talk, a few vital and significant decisions were taken. But amid the Nizam’s rule in 1936, land records are never examined or separated. This is causing a few debate, issues and challenges.

The land question is likewise getting to be law and order issues. To put a conclusion to the land debate, it is chosen to survey the whole land in the state taking assistance from Survey of India and different offices in the nation.

Once the filtration is finished, put the subtle elements on the web. Give new passbooks after the survey. Give an extraordinary personality number for each land. In the event that need be, put border stones to the lands.