Elon Musk’s electric automaker company – Tesla seems to be keep to get its wheels running on Indian roads as the company has already initiated talks with Indian Government to enter the country through single-brand retail route.

Are we excited about Tesla? (Hell, yes! Is that even a question!) So if you are a Tesla-fanatic and have been waiting for the brand to introduce their ultimate electric cars in India, here’s a treat for you. Elon Musk’s Tesla has finally officially reached out to Indian Government, showing their interest to enter Indian market through the single-brand retail window, which includes mandatory sourcing of 30% of the value of goods sold in the country. As per Indian retail policy, foreign multinationals require to source a minimum of 30% raw material from the country if their investment is 51% or more.

Musk has been willing to introduce Tesla cars in India since long, but the tough retail policy has always been a major hindrance – looking at the infrastructural and material facilities available in India. Tesla is already looking for a place to set up their manufacturing unit in India and is hoping for some dilution in the retail policy from Indian government. The Central government is expected to formally reply to Tesla’s proposal over next few weeks, but a relief for Tesla is highly unlikely. Although it is quite possible for the government to dilute this rule in case of unavailability of high-technology goods among local vendor base.

Expecting dilution for Tesla gets more interesting too, because the retail policy has been around for about two years now, and no high-tech companies – including Apple – has not manage to make it so far yet. And not to forget, Indian government’s plan of selling only electric cars by 2030 – which Tesla could be a huge help in. Hence, the chance of Tesla getting a thumbs up from Indian government to introduce amazing Tesla cars – are pretty high.