World Health Organisation is dedicatedly researching and developing the medicines of all the major health problems of the world since decades, it has sorted out the 12 most less secured disease that can disturb the social health if found. There is an effective plan to fight against these diseases and dozens of bacteria that are growing resistant to all the antibiotics that are treated well.

Taking a look at drawbacks, Pharmaceutical companies are not capable enough to handle this kind of problems due to its various limitations. Overuse of drugs is one of the major problems that should be treated as earliest as it is ready. Moreover, making of new antibiotics by pharmaceuticals company is not fast enough to meet the speed of spreading of these diseases.

“If we leave it to market forces alone, the new antibiotics we most urgently need are not going to be developed in time.” said Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO’s assistant director-general for Health Systems and Innovation, in a press briefing.

“The list is not meant to scare people about new superbugs, It is intended to signal to the scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry that area they should focus on to address urgent public health threats.”, she further added.

Antibiotic-resistant infections are associated with 23,000 deaths and 2 million illnesses in the US every year. Diseases like gonorrhoea, carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, and some strains of tuberculosis is bypassing every drug we have till now.