James B. Comey woke up as Director of FBI on May 9, 2017 looking if whether President Trump’s election campaign may have colluded with Russia to triumph in the 2016 presidential election. By evening he found that he was out of his job.

Comey was fired abruptly from his job without any notice or reasons mentioned and he became a private citizen after firing. Comey tried to stay low profile after getting fired but he was still in public eye. The day after the firing, the Associated Press went full TMZ on Comey, capturing paparazzi-esque photographs of the former FBI director “casually puttering in his yard” at his home in McLean, Va.

The former FBI officer later sent out a short farewell note to his FBI colleagues and asked them to focus on protecting the country and the citizens rather than focusing on what and how it was executed. Comey’s colleagues kept posting his pictures over social media and honoured the officer.

A 9-year-old neighbour, Abby Grace eased out Comey’s day with some freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies and were accompanied by a heart shaped note that read – ‘To: Director Comey’. Four days after the firing, Comey transitioned into the private life of a former public official by appearing in the Broadway show. Later, Comey and his wife Patrice attended the ‘Fun Home’ performance. Despite being a private citizen, it’s not likely that Comey will fade into obscurity anytime soon. Controversy over his dismissal is likely to rage on, on the other hand, Comey looks ‘relaxed’.

Comey, the guy who is at least a head taller than everyone else.