Deep inside the bowels of the fierce icy mountains of Arctic Circle lies a vault which garners what we can call ‘the future of human race’. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a home to thousands of varieties of food crop seeds from all around the world. This vault was recently flooded because the permafrost melted, ‘thanks’ to global warming; but all the seeds are safe and intact.

Deep into the mountains of Norway, near the North Pole, in the far reaches of the arctic North, there’s a fortress that is supposed to be one of humanity’s safeguards if (God forbid), we can’t feed ourselves in the future. The Doomsday vault contains over 500 million seeds, representing 880,000 different crops, many of which can’t be found in fields today. It is a hole in the mountains with has 13000 years of agricultural history inside itself. Svalbard may be way on top of our plant and far, far away from our civilizations but it is one of the most important places in the whole world! And what does the place have? Precious oils? Minerals? No, just seeds, plain simple seeds from all around the world, there is nothing else in there.

However, the fortress that harbours such amazing history got succumbed to the forces of nature, well, not actually nature but global warming. Yes, that is really sad, right? It rained this year and also higher-than-usual melting and didn’t snow at Artic! Buried deep inside a sandstone mountain in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago, the vault was gushed with the permafrost melted water at its entrance and then subsequently froze! This created an icy mess at the vault that is the final hope when humans won’t have anything to eat.

Thankfully and fortunately, the seeds are still safe as they are packed in moisture proof packets and the flood didn’t reach the vault anyway, it just hit the entrance. This flooding highlighted the potential threat of global warming and the environmental emergency we are facing. The problem of global warming is so very intense and serious, but sometimes the solution to such intricate issues could be as simple as growing trees and we must understand that before it is too very late. And about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, it is safe now and is mean to last till eternity.