Centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected as the youngest French president on Sunday with a business friendly vision of European integration, defeating the populist – Marine Le Pen who is a far-right nationalist believing in independence of France from the European Union.

The victory of the man who will become France’s youngest president has proven to be a reason for sigh of relief for the European allies who has feared another populist upheaval to follow Britain’s vote to quit the EU and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president. Macron has positioned himself as the pro-European who wants to reform his country. His programme promises to free labour and innovation while protecting the individual.

The 39-year old has been a star student, a champion of France’s tech start-up movement, an investment banker, an economic advisor of Socialist President Francois Hollande and will now become the youngest French President. His promise of reforming the country won’t be his first experience in the challenge because while being an economist minister of Hollande, Macron promoted a package of measures, notably allowing more stores to open on Sundays and evenings and opening up regulated sectors of the economy.

Last year, Macron launched his own political movement- ‘En Marche’ or ‘In Motion’, and quit the Socialist government. He promised to shake up the political landscape by appointing a government that includes new figures from business and civil society. And after all the thing about Emmanuel Macron is that, in the end, everyone gives way to the charm.

You might be wondering, where did the ‘charm’ thing come from. But here’s an example; see him on campaign last week: he was talking to hard-line CGT union members at a soon-to-close factory in the north, those guys hate everything he stands for and their jobs are going to Poland! And yet they weren’t baying for his blood, they were listening! See what is was talking about – charm. Someone even said that the guy could seduce an office chair, now that is interesting.

And generically speaking, French have had the sense of electing the most brilliant figures as their leaders. Charming, of course. But also super-smart, energetic, incorrupt, creative, young, optimistic. It’s like what he talks is obvious but not everyone can think of it; hear Macron talking, and everything starts to slot into place. And his last name is Macron, reminds of those delicious macarons, right? Yum!

So this is not the end of challenges for charm-chum will-be French President, his next challenge will be to get a parliamentary majority in an election next month to make major changes; with no mainstream party to support him. The strong advocate of a free market and entrepreneurial spirit has called for France to focus on getting benefits from globalization rather than the protectionist policies advocated by the far right. The hot-question is that, will Emmanuel Macron get the parliamentary majority? Let us know in the comment section below.