Looking at the pictures of a Russian remote town named Oymyakon of Yakutia region, it looks like the Disney Frozen’s real-life movie set; but with minus 67-degree Celsius temperature, even thermometers are bursting out – making the town, the coldest permanently occupied human settlement on Earth.

Water freezes at 0 degree Celsius, mercury used in thermometers freezes at minus 39 degree Celsius and human eyelashes freeze at minus 67 degrees – imagine actually living in a place with temperature that low. In a remote region located in Russia’s Serbia called Yakutia, students regularly go to schools at even minus 40 degrees – that much temperature is eh-normal to them – but on Tuesday, even the frozen-land people shut down schools as the temperature plunged down to minus 67 degree Celsius. It was so cold in Oymyakon village of the Yakutia region – a town which is home to 500 people – that thermometers fell out the mercury level to the bottom as they were set to measure up to minus 50 degrees and installation if new digital thermometers were installed.

In the coldest place with permanent human inhabitation on Earth, survival becomes a major challenge as eyelashes freeze, frostbite is a constant danger and cars are usually kept running even when not being used, lest their batteries die in temperatures that average minus-58 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. However, the press authorities of Yakutia said that all households and businesses in the region have working central heating and access to backup power generators – they are used to the extremely cold weather and it is no biggie. But the extremely cold temperatures always anticipate common people, right?

The harsh frozen climate affects every aspect of the residents of the area – they mostly eat meat-based, sometimes eaten raw or frozen, due to the inability to grow crops in the frigid temperatures. Some of the Yakutian delicacies include Arctic fish, white salmon, whitefish, frozen raw horse liver and soups made from meat. People of the coldest town on Earth are literally enjoying the weather as they are posting selfies and stories about stunts in the extreme cold. Isn’t it just extremely fatally beautiful and mesmerising, they have trips to Oymyakon, just in case you are interested.