A research states that combining dairy products consumed daily with theproper amount of vitamin D supplements can boost the strength of bones and hence protecting against age implied bone loss. A key to stronger bones and a stronger you.

Have you paid enough attention to bone health? No? We all unquestionably need bones, right! And drinking a glass of milk everyday isn’t enough. Milk is an essential element in a healthy balanced diet, but no matter how much milk you drink, your body cannot absorb the calcium without the help of vitamin D because it stimulates the absorption of calcium and ultimately enhances the bone strength.

So how exactly can you get enough vitamin D? Sunlight! Yes, you read that right. Seriously. Take a morning walk; even 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight will do wonders in improving health. Bring the sunshineto your life, literally. But since many of us are unable to do that, we are prone to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Maintaining a balanced diet is the second best idea to follow, that’s when supplements come into limelight.

“This study is significant because, in addition to milk intake, it also examined the association of other dairy foods such as yogurt, cheese, and cream with bone mineral density and bone loss over time. Furthermore, the study clarified that the association of dairy foods with bone density is dependent on adequate vitamin D intake” said lead author Shivani Sahni, from the Hebrew Senior Life’s Institute for Aging Research — Harvard-affiliated medical care for elderly in the US.