Conceived in American film industry Hollywood, the #MeToo movement has now reached India as women are stepping up and publicising the incidents of alleged sexual harassment and assault – especially at their workplaces. After, female journalists have stepped shared their experiences, the  Editors Guild of India condemned the predatory conduct by men with power and applauded that the #MeToo moment has finally gained momentum in India.

The storm faraway in California last year and its ripples have now reached India, strengthening women to speak up about unspoken incidents of sexual harassment that happened with them at workplaces and by men in power. The storm of #MeToo that has taken down biggies like Harvey Weinstein and top judge of US Justice Brett Kavanaugh has given courage to women in India to finally speak up publicly, without fear. In past week, a number of female journalists shared their experiences of alleged sexual harassment by their male colleagues and seniors in newsrooms – a place that is considered to drive the nation by its word power and freedom of speech.

The biggest name that came up under the #MeToo movement from Indian media houses is that of journalist-turned-Union minister MJ Akbar – who is currently working as a junior to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Showing concern and dismay, the Editors Guild of India condemned all predatory conduct on women by men, most of whom happen to be enjoying senior or supervisory positions in media and otherwise. Also, the Guild applauded the women who decided to speak up and thanked them for displaying the “courage to bring these critical issues in public debate.”

In the official statement, the premium editors’ association also ensured its commitment towards making sure legal rights of the victims are not violated. The momentum gained by the #MeToo movement is to eradicate nuisance that has ingrained in the so-called male dominant society, and make everyone feel responsible to build a fair, just and safe working environment for not just women, but for anyone and everyone.


Editor’s Note: If you or anyone you know has suffered sexual harassment or assaults at workplaces, or anywhere, please feel free to contact us immediately and we will help you in getting justice – anonymously or otherwise. Building a safer world with #MeToo. Peace.