British luxury car brand Rolls Royce has finally decided a perfect title for its first all-terrain, high-sided SUV – it is Rolls Royce Cullinan, named after the largest flawless diamond Cullinan found in 1905.

Three years ago, one of the most luxurious cars Rolls Royce announced that they are finally getting int the bandwagon of developing their first ever SUV under Project Cullinan. It took three long years for the expert team of the maiden British automaker to come up with a masterpiece, which was too amazing to be named. However, Rolls Royce has finally decided to keep the name of the project as the official name of the new SUV – the Cullinan. The name is inspired from the name of the largest flawless diamond Cullinan which was found in January 1905 after the name of Thomas Cullinan, the chairman of mine from which it was found. A flawless diamond, perfect name.

Rolls Royce Cullinan is being tested since three years under camouflage in various kinds of terrains across the world – including forests of Africa, deserts of Middle East, grasslands of Scotland, snow of the Arctic and canyons of North America. Surprisingly enough, Rolls Royce has revealed the details of their debut SUV, breaking their tradition of keeping information of new cars a secret. The Cullivan will be the first ever four-wheel drive in the history of Rolls Royce and will be based on all-new aluminium architecture, which is called Architecture of Luxury.

Powering the Cullinan will be a reworked Rolls-Royce 6.8-litre V12 unit, and there’s also some talk about a plug-in hybrid variant making it to the range in the future. Cullinan will feature SUV traits like better ground clearance, all-terrain support, break over and departure angles. The benchmark SUV has been designed with typical Rolls Royce designing language – including the gargantuan radiator grille and the typical lights. However, most of the car and its overall proportions are well hidden under the camouflage of the test cars.