Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Princeton University of USA has left many bewildered and pleasantly surprised by his approach of projecting with calculations and views about the ruling government, where he openly accepted their faults as a former ruling party and appreciated rival’s tactics.

Politics in India has a definite and pretty predictable pattern – leaders thrive for their contender’s weaknesses, they make forlorn promises to woo the citizens, they get elected and then they carry a baggage of accountability for keeping their promises. With elections nearing, the fate of Indian democracy will now be determined by how crucially these verdicts and fizzled governing tactics of the ruling party are taken. One can’t deny that Modi is so far the most popular leader in India, and BJP still seems to be settled for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But on the other hand, some economists and researchers believe that his economic tactics have made financial blunders that has disrupted the economic sphere of country.

Looking back into the changes implemented by Modi government with 3 years, the economic reforms perhaps created quite some hardships that has staggered Indian economy and affected common man of India – directly. This could somehow give a pass to the Opposition to book their reigning seat in 2019, and that is exactly what Rahul Gandhi is trying to do on foreign soils of America. Speaking at Princeton University on Tuesday, Gandhi actually confessed that during their rule they lacked somewhere as a government.

Not just that, Rahul Gandhi appreciated PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ policy and said that he wished Congress had introduced. He also appreciated Modi’s communication capabilities and his effectiveness in conveying messages to a mass, all at once. Furthermore, his calculations and points about economic reforms made by NDA government in past three years seemed to be pretty effective. So much that Gandhi had ‘pleasantly surprised’ even the difficult-to-impress experts of United States for his take on things.

2019 elections still have a long way to go and India could be turned upside down, and who knows what could prove to be a decisive move in Indian democracy. India has so-far been up and down about which party to be elected to rule the country for a five-year-long tenure. The country has witnessed both BJP and Congress governments, failing to overcome anti-incumbency challenges. Sometimes even a humble, not-so-loud leader could strike a chord against famed, over-confident and unapologetic leader. And finally, genes seem to be working as Rahul Gandhi’s newly revealed side of political approach reminds us of Indira Gandhi – a striking leader of India. And we never know what could happen, because politics is a funny game anyway – where nobody is invincible.