The prestigious 70th Cannes Film Festival opened on Wednesday under the sunny Côte d’Azur skies with the A-list star from all around the world arriving on the glitzy glam red carpets of the premier film festival.

The Cannes kicked off yesterday with the familiar mix of star-studded red carpets, big name auteurs, a sprinkle of glamour from film industries like Hollywood and the unsung unfamiliar hopefuls with the purpose of making a big impact on one of the biggest film platforms. Over past seven decades, everyone belonging to the world of film industry longs to be a part of the French Riviera. While the Cannes gives a vague sense of big fat fancy deal, there is a lot about the festival which is mysteriously unknown and pretty much normal-ish. But one fact stands strong, Cannes matters; you need to know why.

Cannes is known for its exclusivity and its past for premiering some of the greatest movies of all times. Although just a few are selected to show during the festival, the shortlisted movies are most likely to hit-shake-rock the world of films and the festival is known for propelling careers of many well-known stars and filmmakers. You see, that is exactly why they all are heads-over-toes-ly desperate to go to the Cannes.

The Cannes jury is composed of handpicked prominent filmmakers, actors, composers and all the dignitaries you can think of who judge and select the nominees for awards. But this doesn’t mean that winning at Cannes will guarantee critical success; remember the 2015 Palme d’Or winner, Dheepan? Yeah, exactly. But this definitely does not change the fact that Cannes is a career-booster and it is a big deal. And the importance of Cannes extends beyond its awards, it actually affects the decision of which film make it in front of maximum audience.

So, there are a lot of reasons for why the celebs all around the world go ga-ga over the Cannes, (mostly self-indulgent) and most important part of Cannes – the Marché du Film, which is the world’s busiest movie market where important movie deals are been carried out is definitely not to be missed.

The Cannes does not sell screening tickets, which means it is not open for general public, industry-only. So you have to be directors, producers, actors, publicists, distributors, and journalists and would have to flash your ‘badge’ to enter the screening. But don’t be disappointed because there are always few ordinary people without badges to watch the films there too. The festival plays a selection of films for the public on the beach, every night at 9 o’clock and one can also get the Cannes Cinephile badge simply by becoming a member of film appreciation club.

One can also get into the screenings with a balanced amalgamation of quite a wardrobe and a sprinkle of glitzy moxie, you can even land on the red-carpet premiers. So crashing into Cannes is a bit of art and the internet is staked with advices. And basically why do people boo so much about Cannes? One-word answer – tradition.