We all know about the massive rainfall in Kerala and the major destruction it made during the flood. Great amount of fund was collected by the local people. The Government also helped a lot during this flood. Government rescue team became the savior to the flood-affected people and helped them moving to a safe place and giving them another life. But among those rescue teams, there were some local unsung heroes who also saved tons of lives during this Kerala flood.

Yes, we are talking about the local fishermen who risked their own lives to save their people, to save Kerala. Thousands of fishermen during the worst times of Kerala took a great effort to help people and became the savior of other people. They were not asked by anyone to save any lives, but their morals did. They wanted to save their land, their people, their Kerala. The official report says, nearly 669 boats went out with as many as 4537 fishermen voluntarily and saved around 65000 of lives during this flood.

Later the government decided to honour them for their deed. The occasion was held in Thiruvananthapuram. The gathering started with the speech from the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan followed by the Minister E Chandrasekharan and Chief Secretary Tom Jose. Then Chief Minister addressed the crowd and told everyone how these fishermen risked their lives without thinking of anything, and saved people of Kerala, even when the water kept rising and the rain won’t stop. They are among the ones who contributed a lot to save Kerala.

We cannot thank them enough for what they have done, but as a “Thank-you” memorial all fishermen were honoured with the golden shawl, the amount of 3000 INR, and some other gifts. Those fishermen were the real unsung heroes who needed to be identified by locals and honoured by the government. Their contribution will be remembered lifelong.