Marking a new trend setter, a start-up company has been set up by the Japanese and their job will be to develop “artificial meteor shower” aka “artificial shooting stars”, which will be presented in a show in Hiroshima by 2020.

From lab-made meat to artificial rain, we curious beings are now venturing out to clone a celestial event by developing “artificial meteor shower”. Most of these off-beat ideas are either from China or Japan or UAE; and this one is from the Japanese. A start-up named ALE is working on development of artificial meteor shower aka artificial shooting stars – or perhaps, the illusion of shooting stars. The plan is to release tiny little balls into space beyond Earth’s atmosphere and throw them towards us to make them ignite and illuminate.

About 40 balls made of some mysterious chemical and will be contained within microsatellites and released towards the earth. As soon as the balls are released, they will glow just like shooting stars as they enter the proximity of earth’s atmosphere. Synchronizing the time, place and speed of the release of balls by these satellites will lead to pretty meteor showers in the sky and experimenting with the chemical ingredients of balls, new colours of balls can be developed. ALE says that around about 400 such balls will be enough to generate 20-30 artificial meteor shower events. Furthermore, these microsatellites can stay space for around two years and can just be signalled for an instant shooting star event – ready to use whenever needed.

ALE plans to launch their first satellite by 2018 and if successful, a test meteor shower will be displayed by 2019. And then the Japanese are planning to showcase the artificial meteor shower event in the show at Hiroshima in 2020. Excitingly enough, these artificial meteor showers will be available to all as ALE is “targeting the whole world, because the stockpile of shooting stars will be in space and can be delivered across the world” anytime. They are also planning to push a used satellite into the atmosphere on a targeted orbit to create a giant artificial shooting star but the idea is still in the basic research phase. If this isn’t cool, nothing else is.