The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched the world’s longest zip line certified by the Guinness World Records, which is 2.83 kilometres long. Surprisingly, instead of Dubai, the record breaking zip line which will attract thrill seekers is developed in Ras al-Khaimah near Oman borders.

If you have been dreaming about hurtling free in the sky, yet something like sky diving is a bit too much creepy, or maybe you want to try something new – go for ziplining. You can fly over creeks and trees and deserts through a simple pulley-cable sport called zip line. While the thrilling sport is gaining popularity, United Arab Emirates jabbed the chance of breaking a record in the world of zip lines and has launched world’s longest zip line, measuring 2.83 kms in lengt, today. Built in the region of Ras Al Khaimah near the Oman border, the zip line has been certified as world’s longest zip line by the Guinness World Records officials on Thursday. Quite a surprise that it is nowhere around Dubai.

The Jebel Jais Flight takes thrill-seekers atop the country’s largest mountain peak, from a launch pad 1,680 meters (5,512 feet) above sea level. The 2.83 kilometre zip line ride will take nearly 3 minutes during which, the riders will be suspended from above of the mountain and will glide through the rocky terrains of the Arabian deserts. The launch marked phase one of the Jebel Jais Flight project which is worth nearls $6 million and the aim is to create a zip line park. The master plan is to create a full day adventure for revelers, which will include a viewing deck, a restaurant, a VIP lounge and even helipads to allow people an aerial tour of the park.

The zip line will allow up to 250 people to enjoy the ride per day and after completion of phase 2, it will be able to serve over 500 people in a day. This is the latest effort by the UAE government to make the smaller, lesser-known emirate of Ras al-Khaimah to attract more tourists and expatriate visitors from neighboring emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai – which recently opened the world’s longest ubran zip line whizzing past towering skyscrapers. The UAE’s latest record will be added to a mantle of achievements that includes the world’s tallest building, and artificial palm-shaped islands.