3 Idiots, featuring Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, has now been revamped in Mexican. The trailer of 3 Idiotas, the Mexican rendition of 3 Idiots, will make you super nostalgic.

In this hilarious Mexican comedy, two school buddies choose to look into the third individual from their gathering after they forget about him after graduation. Their undertakings to discover him again places them in unbelievable circumstances.

Featuring Alfonso Dosal, Christian Vazquez and German Valdes as the three companions, the trailer guarantees a considerable measure of fun and a tonne of madness. To be perfectly honest, it’s so like what occurred in 3 Idiots, you’ll have flashes of the film returning to your brain.

Be that as it may, it appears the creators haven’t done much to change the storyline/narrative/tasteful style.

The trailer is a correct reproduction of the first. Indeed, the character who plays Rancho (tried by Aamir Khan in the first) is even called ‘Pancho’.

A portion of the jokes, as well, are exacting interpretation. Indeed, even the sets look to a great degree comparative. It is not necessarily the case that it isn’t reasonable for doing as such (it’s an official revamp, which implies the Mexican makers paid VVC a premium), however, the final product is really comical in itself.

Also, here is the trailer: